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Scientific research clearly states that a humans can survive without food for three weeks, but where water is concerned, most people cannot go without it for 3-4 days! Dehydration sets in, and they will go into shock and become immobile, even if the individual continues to breathe. The primary requirement, in other words, is water. A living being simply cannot survive at all without it . Yet, it's a terrible fact that hundreds of millions of people around the globe have no access to clean water.

Reasons Why Everyone Deserves Clean Water For Drinking

"According to WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus," clean water, sanitation and hygiene at home should not be the luxury of those who are extremely wealthy or reside in urban centers alone.
These are some of the most basic human health requirements, and it is the moral obligation of all nations to ensure that everyone can access them. Unfortunately, for many, clean drinking water is still unreachable and it will stay this way until govs are brave enough to stand up. Here are five reasons why everyone needs access, right at home, to Water Tank Cleaning and securely controlled hygiene.

Water Provides Nourishment
Life is water. The sooner those in power fully realize this, the sooner it can be adapted to make this liquid law accessible to everyone. The number one element of micronutrients is water. The human body consists of 60% water, and this is a sufficiently clear indication of the significance of water.
For their physiological processes to function, humans need to be properly hydrated. In addition , water helps maintain the health of the organ and allows the blood to maintain the consistency needed to flow freely to every cell of the body and transport oxygen and nutrients.

Preventing Illnesses
Due to consumption and or the presence of contaminated water, fatal medical conditions like cholera , typhoid, and hepatitis A all occur. Foresee the risks to which people have been exposed when water that comes from effluent and contaminated sites such as industries would be the only thing they can consume. Not only is clean water essential for staying safe from disease, but also for maintaining good health.

Helps To Rid Yourself Of Toxins
Clean , fresh and safe water also helps to get rid of all kinds of toxins from the body, whether they are produced due to body reactions, gained from outside sources or those that occur due to polluted water consumption.

Highly Required For Agricultural Sector And Food
Water is a fundamental ingredient when it comes to manufacturing of food. If wastewater is given to the crops and grains, the insects and illness will spread to all who consume the local produce. Water which is used for agricultural activities should thus also come from safe and clean reserves.

Improved Sanitation Facilities
Clean water is not only necessary for drinking, but also for sanitation purposes. This will also result in the increase of diseases if clothes are washed or the body is washed with contaminated water. For cooking , cleaning and other similar activities that are an essential part of daily life, the same is the scenario. For good health, clean water is a necessity.

Why Flora and What can we do to Clean Your Water Tank

Flora Water Tank Cleaning Services professional’s is a leading tank cleaning company with wide experience and expertise.
We routinely undertake residential and large-scale industrial and commercial water tank cleaning services around the country. Our Water Tank Cleaning Services experts are skilled at cleaning all types of tanks, from small residential tanks, to large steel, concrete, process and underground and overhead tanks