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Termite Treatment

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper, books, insulation, and structure. Termites can injure living trees and shrubs, but more often are a secondary invader of woody plants already in decline.

Termite treatment should be done during or before constructing of your house. But if for some reason you did not get a chance to do Termite treatment, you can always look for post construction termite treatment services. Termite infestation never gives an indication before it occurs and it’s hard to find the infestation at the beginning. Therefore, whether it is pre-construction period, on-construction period or post-construction period, any of these phases can attract a severe termite infestation. Do you think termites don’t attack an on-going construction site? Of course it does! If they get what they like (moisture) in an ongoing or under construction site, they will obviously dwell in that area and moreover, termites originate from the ground, so it can definitely start building up a tunnel from the ground to your home through the cracks and other passages on the walls. Termite infestation can happen at any phases of constructing a building. Termite infestation can happen during any phase of a building construction.

Call Flora Termite treatment Professional to know the exact treatments needed to protect your property against a termite infestation in the pre-construction or post construction of a building.


Termite Proofing (Post-Construction)

Liquids Soil-applied liquid termiticide have been for five years guarantee. Their purpose is to provide a long-lasting chemical barrier.

Flora Termite treatment professional uses liquid termiticide in it’s post construction treatment. The termiticide treatment creates a treated zone around the perimeter of your premises with drilling procedure on surface by injecting termiticide into the ground to form a barrier between the soil and building structure. The termiticide can be applied under a concrete floor or around the foundations of the building. As termite workers tunnel through treated zones in search of food, they are exposed to the termiticide. The termiticide is not only ingested, but also adheres to their bodies. The affected termites then spread the active ingredient to other termites through physical contact, eventually reducing the population of the colony.

No matter the termite or extent of the infestation, Flora pest control professionals will remove the unwanted guests in their entirety. We offer prompt reliable service and will be there to deal with the problem right away. Flora pest control professionals is fully licensed and insured and offers 24/7 customer support and free estimates.

Don’t let the presence of termite impact your industry or business. Call Flora pest control professional now for more information about our insect pest control problem or to schedule an appointment.


Termite Proofing (Pre-Construction)

Flora termite treatment professional would like to aware about Termite Proofing in preconstruction. If you are going to construct a new house or build your property, building, office or industry before start construction think about termite treatment is the first thing you should think of. Flora termite treatment professional use highly professional and advanced techniques for treating for termite proofing. Direct liquid treatments are applied on different stages to the basement excavation, foundation stage, plinth stage, inside and also outside surrounding area to stop and eliminate the termites to in your newly construct dream property.

Several procedures that must be done to ensure an area of termite-free construction

  • Basement Excavation Treatment
  • Foundation Pit Treatment
  • Plinth Treatment (Before Katcha)
  • Outer Surrounding Treatment
  • Electric Conduits Treatment
  • Wood Treatment

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