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What do Termite looks like?

Do termites really look like ants? Termite swarmers can look like flying ants, and they are often confused. The difference between these two pests will greatly impact the type of service needed to control them in your property.



What do Roaches looks like?

Cockroach prefers to live in damp but warm places and generally found in kitchens, hotels, bakeries, restaurants, warehouses, grocer’s shops, sewage, ships and public latrines, etc., where plenty of food is available.



What do Bed Bugs looks like?

Adult bedbugs are oval-shaped, flat and up to 5mm long – similar to an apple seed. Their color varies between dark yellow, red or brown. Bedbugs aren't dangerous and don't spread any diseases.



What do Mosquitoes looks like?

Mosquitoes are widely distributed and familiar to us all. One of the most common Of all complaints from people trying to enjoy the outdoors during the spring & summer months concerns the annoyance.



What do Flies looks like?

The housefly, Musca domestica, is the most common of domestic flies. Originally from central Asia, they are now one of the most widely distributed insects, found associated with humans all over the world.



What do Rodent looks like?

The name rodents have been derived from creek word “rodere” meaning to gnaw. They have one pair of incisor in each jaw (upper and lower) which grows continously This group includes moles, rats, mice, Squirells and many more.



What do Ants looks like?

The Ants are one of the most dangerous insect in the world, if they bites you may be able to have pimple etc. They were found on sweets, sugar milk, walls and other sweet and unhygenic foods.



What do Lizard looks like?

Lizard is one of the akward insect in the world they actually found on walls of every house Lizards are so creepy every women and men hates this insect. We have a solution to cure this akward insect from your home resident and other places.

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